5 Tips for Marfa, TX Style




Getting dressed for Marfa, Texas is its own animal. Leave the Santa Fe ruffles and chunky silver cuffs at home. Your fancy Lucchese cowboy boots are fine, but you have to add some rough and tumble touches – this ain’t Dallas! Marfa style tends to lean toward Austin (75% of your fellow tourists will hail from the Live Music Capital of the World), which means vintage tees and jeans are just right… but we are in West Texas here, true cowboy country, so city slickers I advise you to keep it on the level!

Wondering how to dress for your weekend trip to Marfa? Here are five steps for Marfa, Texas style:

  1. Denim! Jeans, jackets, buttown-down shirts… double or triple layer your denim. The more rugged, the better. Add some pearl snaps if you feel like taking it up a notch. Remember, Marfa is part of the Chihuahuan Desert plateau, so although it may be hot and dusty during the day, it can get chilly at night. And if you visit during the winter, it will be frigid! Denim will be your friend.
  2. Same goes for boots! Take a drive through West Texas and you’ll see nothing but vast stretches of dirt and desert brush for hundreds of miles. Sure those lace-up hippy sandals from Free People are cute, but they will be impractical here (and your feet will feel disgusting!) if you are camping out at El Cosmico or walking from Hotel Paisano through town to the browse the outdoor sculptures at the Chinati Foundation.
  3. Hats. Visiting Marfa will make you wonder why you don’t wear hats every damn day! The are practical for keeping the sun out of your eyes and your hair from blowing free in the desert wind. Hats also elevate any and all outfits. Literally. I can not think of any easier/more direct style advice; hats, turbans, wraps: please and thank you!!!  The variety of hats you will see people wearing here vary from thrifted fedoras to handcrafted bowlers. You can also go traditional with a bespoke cowboy hat.
  4. Vintage. Nothing is cooler and more rock and roll than a badass vintage t-shirt or jacket paired with good denim and killer boots. Austin, we are looking at you for vintage shopping! Doesn’t even have to be vintage. Just get a screen-printed jersey crew-neck T and layer one of your denim pieces on top and you might as well be a guitar god from the 70’s. Now grab a beer or a mezcal mixed drink and hot damn, you’re good to go!
  5. Leather accessories. We’ve covered boots. Now add in a hand tooled leather belt or fringed crossbody purse or wallet. Monogram those babies. This is where your West Texas cowboy chic can shine! Come during the Trans-Pecos Music Festival and you can score all sorts of handcrafted pieces from around the state. Mexico also produces amazing leather goods… and is only sixty miles away! Ah, Mexico…

The idea is to keep your Marfa style functional and low-key, but super cool and West Texas relevant. After all, nowhere is hipper than Marfa, Texas (although it may seem counterintuitive)!

Hope these style tips inspired your journey (or daily life)! Have fun in the true Southwest y’all!

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