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These photos are from a previous trip we took to Marfa back in spring. Husband and I were en route to Santa Fe from San Antonio (both of our hometowns), and stopped in Marfa as our halfway spot there and back. Marfa is about 5.5 hours from San Antonio and about 7 hours from Santa Fe… if you keep a good pace! We have grown quite an affinity for this place! When I was growing up in Texas, I only knew it as “Home of the Marfa Lights” – ie place of ghost stories and alien lore galore! But when we got here, it did change us a little in some immeasurable way…

How does one describe Marfa? It’s just some dumpy little town in the Middle of Nowhere West Texas, but man, is there energy here. Creative abundance. You can feel it simmering below the seams. The busted up concrete and adobe buildings framed by giant agave plants withering in the hot desert heat. The contemporary and modern art galleries nesting in hidden, seemingly decrepit shops down by the town square. The only grocery store in town with one checkout register selling recycled bamboo toothbrushes and organic goat milk cheese. The dirt, the sky, the cowboy hats…

We are back in Marfa right now for the Trans-Pecos Festival. A festival of jammy border-inspired garage music, DIY workshop love, and hippy hipsters camping out together in tents, drinking Shiner, Dos Equis, and frozen rosé (or Frozé! Clever…) Tonight Neko Case and Calexico play. Pretty chill, lots of cool. I called it early last night to put the baby to sleep in a bigass tent with a cowhide carpet, but tonight I plan on trolling the amazing vintage vendors and getting down to some some funky desert music.

Also working on some exciting things………….!!!!!!!!!!! Feeding of the Marfa ghost/light/energy/music/cool……………………….

Lots of love guys! Here is a Spotify playlist from 2016’s Trans-Pecos Festival.

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