Most Wanted: July ’16 – Cold Brew & Missoni Espadrilles!

Lula Vida Most Wanted July 2016: Warby Parker, Cold Brew Carafe, Current/Elliott Jeans, Beats by Dr, Missoni Espadrilles

1. Warby Parker Chelsea Eyeglasses in Grapefruit Soda. 2. Primula Cold Brew Carafe Coffee Maker. 3. Beats by Dre Solo2 Wireless Headphones in Rose Gold. 4. Current/Elliott Stiletto Skinny Jeans. 5. Missoni Espadrille in Blue Multi. 

Topping my Most Wanted list this month… probably a three-way tie between the cold brew carafe, the Warby Parker pink glasses, and the Missoni espadrilles. Thoughts:

I’m obsessed with cold brew in general and would drink it every day if I could. In Texas it’s too damn hot to drink regular coffee during the summer. And have you had a coconut black tie? OBSESSED! (*See basic Coconut Black Tie recipe below.)

The Warby Parkers – I’m currently really only down to one pair of glasses (Gucci black & gold bamboo frames – which I love! perfect look/fit), but a girl always needs options and I have wanted some clear and/or pink frames for awhile.

And finally, the Missoni espadrilles are literally the perfect summer shoe. I have some in orange from a couple of years ago and I have literally worn them in almost every situation – gardening, rain, road trips, brunch, neighborhood walks, etc etc and they still look relatively great and the fit is still spot on. Definitely my go-to every day summer shoe. I would recommend them over pretty much every other pair of shoes I’ve ever owned!!!

Jeans – always looking for a good pair. Headphones same. Husband has those Beats by Dre Solo2’s in gold and apparently the sound quality isn’t amazing and the bluetooth situation is annoying when the battery runs out, but he is also used to professional headphones and speakers, so maybe his sound bar is set a little high. Can’t deny the rose gold is cute!

Enjoy some coffee until next time! Lots of love! xo

*Coconut Black Tie Recipe

  1. Put ice in glass.
  2. Add some sweetened condensed milk.
  3. Add coffee!
  4. Add a bit of coconut syrup (to taste IMO, I don’t like it too sweet).
  5. Add a splash of half and half.
  6. Stir as you drink! Half the fun is enjoying the different tastes as everything blends together.
  7. Enjoy!

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