PSA: Now We’re Three & Blog Is Back

Baby Is Here

My last post was six months ago. Wow time flies quickly! As you can tell, baby came! He’s changed everything. He’s the most beautiful creature I have ever seen and more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. He is quirky and squiggly and curious. His hair is so soft and slightly mohawkish and he has the most amazing dimples when he smiles. When he laughs his mischievous little belly laugh and his eyes light up, my heart implodes and then expands infinitely like a galaxy made of love particles being born. His name is unique and lovely, his style is so badass, and he’s already traveled more than I had ever traveled at all pre-21. Baby is definitely the coolest person I know! Yes, we are obsessed! (And sleep deprived. I am at least. He’s five months in three days, and I haven’t logged a longer stretch of sleep than four hours (happened once) since he came into this world. Don’t worry, I sleep in bits and pieces overnight and just conjure up images of our ancient ancestors out on the plains of Africa or in the caves of Europe waking every hour to make sure their young haven’t been gobbled up by nocturnal predators. Worth it.)

So, now that things have settled more around these parts since husband and I have become more at ease at being parents, Lula Vida will pick up pace again! I am excited. It brings me joy and sanity to write and create. I have a lot of post ideas on deck and several adventures already lined up. For instance, this month we will be heading to Santa Fe by way of Marfa… and of course baby will be in tow (along with various art supplies and cameras)! Husband and I will also be moving into a studio space at some point in the near future, so expect all sorts of creative projects to make their way onto Lula Vida. As for style, don’t think for one second that once you’re a mom that you’re bound by some invisible mandate to wear sweatpants forever and never curl your hair again. Wrong wrong wrong. My Reformation dresses have already seen the sunshine and I’ve got a hair appointment next week! (AND I’m drinking a glass of wine right now as I type! Hot damn!)

Thank y’all for sticking around with me! I hope y’all continue to enjoy what I do on Lula Vida. The tone may change a little, but the content will be just as juicy. And if you don’t like it, well you can f*** off! I kid, I kid! (Literally. Lololol.) Stay tuned! Wink wink. -XO-

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